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Stone Breaker plus

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120 Capsules

Base price: 27,53 € each 100 g

Stone Breaker plus - 120 Capsules

Only the best vor your kidneys

Shaped like two big beans, each the size of a fist, they work as the effluent cleaning plants of our bodies and are absolutely vital for our survival: our kidneys. They are constantly at work, removing toxins and waste substances from our blood. They are genuinely hard workers, as every minute they manage to clean the equivalent of a 0.2 litre water glass full of blood. That is only made possible by a highly complex and sophisticated system of tubing inside each of these organs. And if that system fails, our lives are in danger.

A technical profile of these vital organs would describe them as around twelve centimetres long, four centimetres thick, and weighing around 150 grams. There is one located each side of the spine, on the left and the right, and on about a level with the bottom ribs. Each kidney is protected by a layer of fat, which is surrounded in turn by a layer of taut tissue.

Directly beneath each of them is the cortex, consisting of up to one million nephrons. The nephrons are nothing other than tiny little sub-units. With their complicated system of tubing, they are the actual purification plants, transporting and processing the filtered urine.

The blood is carried from the heart to the kidneys by the main artery, the aorta. When it has been cleaned by the kidneys, it is returned to the heart through a special vein. The kidneys are much more copiously supplied with blood than for example the liver or the heart muscle.

Although they account for only around one percent of our bodyweight, one-fifth of the total blood volume circulates through the kidneys. A healthy kidney purifies around 95 millilitres of blood per minute. As the blood is filtered some 300 times daily, a volume of 1500 litres of blood flows through the many kilometres of tubing every day.
The kidneys separate the utilisable substances from those that need to be got rid of. Degradation products, i.e. waste products resulting from the process of metabolism, are described as “uremic” by the professionals, as they need to be excreted with the urine. These substances include urea, uric acid and creatinine. The kidneys also remove contaminants and medication residues from the blood, and feed water, salts and nutrients back into the blood circulation system.

However, our bodies’ effluent treatment systems are not only responsible for cleaning and recycling. Another of their tasks is monitoring the oxygen content of the blood. If the oxygen level drops, for example, the kidneys release a hormone known as erythropoetin. This immediately triggers the production of red blood cells, which then boost the oxygen content once more. Additionally, the kidneys are constantly engaged in adjusting the salt and fluid balance within the body. The blood pressure, too, is regulated through the kidneys.

At the same time, however, the kidneys are highly sensitive and susceptible to all manner of disturbances and diseases. One such are the dreaded kidney stones. These develop when certain substances in the urine exceed a certain concentration. In this case, they form solid crystals which become deposited in the kidneys as the urine can no longer dissolve them. 80 percent of all kidney stones consist of a so-called calcium oxalate compound. Oxalate occurs in some types of fruit and vegetables. When we eat these, the oxalates contained in them can combine with the calcium present in our bodies. The problem is that this compound is insoluble in water and therefore crystallises in the kidneys. And it is these crystals that form the notorious kidney stones, which can cause unbearable pain. And purely by the way: Around twice as many men are affected by them as women.

Matters become life-threatening, however, when kidney failure occurs. Basically, anyone can be affected by kidney failure. Most seriously at risk, however, are people who are overweight. According to information from the German Nephrology Society, the number of cases of kidney damage caused by overweight has increased ten-fold in the course of the last 30 years! Diabetes sufferers, too, are at greater risk. Certain types of medication, chronic inflammatory conditions and arteriosclerosis can also harm the kidneys.

One of the difficulties with kidney disease is that initially, at least, the kidneys do not cause any pain. Consequently, many people only notice much later on that something’s not right. First indications of diminished kidney activity can be tiredness, a reduction in energy and stamina, and accumulations of water in the body tissue, especially around the ankles, in the lower legs and even in the face. Further symptoms can be pain when passing water, and foamy urine.

All those who wish to protect their kidneys should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, and also look after their kidneys by giving them the special substances they need. Even in healthy people, kidney function starts to decline continuously from the age of about 45, so it is strongly recommended to support the health of our vitally important “waste treatment plants”. And one ideal way of doing that is with our “Stone Breaker plus” product.

The product gets its name from the fact that there really is a plant known as stone breaker, and this is contained in high dosage in our product. Stone breaker also goes by the name of chanca piedra. And it does what its name says it does, as this plant from Paraguay really is something special. For it was established as long ago as 1999 in an in vitro clinical study that chanca piedra extract has the incredible ability to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate crystals (i.e. the building materials that make up most kidney stones).

In a further in vivo study conducted in 2002, researchers introduced calcium oxalate crystals into the bladders of rats and then treated them for 42 days with a watery extract of chanca piedra. The results showed that chanca piedra strongly inhibited the growth of the stones and the number of stones formed. Several of the animals even excreted the stones again without difficulty.

This is all due to the remarkable composition of the stone breaker plant. Because the fact is that it contains a whole range of natural, highly efficacious substances, including alkaloids, astragalin, brevifolin, corilagin, cymene, ellagic acid, ellagitannin, gallocatechin, geraniin, hypophyllanthin, carboxylic acids, lignan, lintetralin, lupeol, methyl salicylate, niranthin, nirtetralin, niruretin, nirurine, niruriside, norsecurinin, phyllanthin, phyllanthenol, phyllochrysin, phyltetralin, quercetin, quercetol, quercitrin,repandusinic acid, rutin, saponins, triacontanal and tricontanol. All these biosubstances are highly effective in supporting the natural health of the kidneys.

However, the word “plus” after the product name Stone Breaker is already an indication that this important product also contains other highly active ingredients. And that is indeed the case. The formulation of “Stone Breaker plus” also includes several other plant products, among them the spiny restharrow. This can likewise be highly effective in preventing the formation of stones, as well as having pain-relieving and soothing properties
The goldenrod plant is also good for the health of the kidneys. In particular the phenolic glycosides contained in it stimulate the activity of the kidneys, foster the urine production and have an antibacterial effect. The same also applies to watercress, vervain (verbena) and pumpkin.

The cranberry contained in “Stone Breaker plus” also performs excellent services as it has the ability to inhibit the attachment of Escherichia coli bacteria (E. coli) to the cells of the bladder and kidneys. This is an aspect of major interest as E. coli, the bacteria that normally inhabit the intestines, are responsible for over 80% of all infections of the urinary tract. The cranberry is further supported in this activity by the bearberry. This is likewise extremely effective against infections of the urinary tract. The bearberry additionally has good disinfectant properties.

Along with the many plant substances that already provide powerful support for our two, vital kidneys, each “Stone Breaker plus” capsule also contains sodium bicarbonate. The reason for this is that this sodium salt is almost revolutionary in its ability to slow the progression of a kidney insufficiency condition and so minimise the risk of kidney failure. This has been documented in a human study involving 134 patients with chronic kidney failure. The patients received either 3 x 600 mg sodium bicarbonate per day, or else a standard therapy. After a 2-year observation period, it could be clearly shown that the treatment with sodium bicarbonate worked very little short of wonders.

Magnesium, another well-known mineral, can also have a preventive effect on kidney stone formation. As you will remember, two-thirds of all kidney stones are made up of calcium oxalate compounds. Taking magnesium can influence the formation of oxalate stones, as where there is a high presence of magnesium, the oxalate bonds with the magnesium instead of with calcium. And that is an excellent outcome because magnesium oxalate – unlike calcium oxalate – is soluble in water! So if magnesium is given as a preventative, it stops kidney stones from being formed in the first place.

As you can see, therefore, “Stone Breaker plus” is made to a highly intelligent formulation. So at the latest from the age of 45 onwards, make sure to make this one of your “must-take” products. Your kidneys will be truly grateful.

2 capsules contain: Stone-Breaker extract - 600 mg, manganese - 57 mg = 15*, vitamin C – 80 mg = 100*, vitamin D3 - 5μg = 100*, goldenrod powder - 600 mg, restharrow extract - 156 mg, cowberry extract - 133 mg, pumpkin extract - 116 mg, verbena extract - 108 mg, bearberry extract - 80 mg, watercress powder - 224 mg
* = %  of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please take 2 capsule in the morning  and 2 capsule in the evening with a sufficient quantity of liquid.

Information for diabetics: 4 capsules contain 0,01 bread unit.

Note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet  as well as a healthy life-style.

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Ich bin begeistert! Durch krankheistbedingte Probleme mit den Nieren,habe ich das Gefühl das sie richtig "durchgespült" werden. Sehr wohltuend im gesamten Körpergefühl.
from Andreas on 13.01.2019
Die perfekte Grundreinigung für die Nieren.

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