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More energy and vitality for men

A lot is expected of men these days. They’re expected to feed the family, care for the children, work long hours, deal with stress at work, and they have little time for themselves. Many men feel overwhelmed and wonder how they’re supposed to find the energy they need to do everything they need to do. By the time they’re finally free in the evening or at the weekend, they’re exhausted and tired. According to a survey, stress is an everyday factor for more than half of all Germans. Alongside overtime, shift hours and high professional demands, financial worries and family strains can also take their toll. The symptoms of stress may vary greatly – ranging from tension to headaches to gastric disorders and palpitations to sleep disorders.

Some men, burdened by stress, like to indulge in the relaxing effect of an alcoholic drink after work to celebrate the end of the working day. Based on their own statements, around half of all men in Germany allow themselves at least one beer or a glass of wine at the end of the working day. Some also eat to relieve stress. Frustration and anxiety compel them to reach for bags of crisps, bars of chocolate or something similar. As a result, the necessary energy intake needed to really to be able to tackle the day’s challenges is often neglected. To keep up your mental and physical strength, it is important to consume the daily required dosage of essential vitamins, because without vitamins and minerals, the metabolism can’t do its job, or can only do it poorly. A man who doesn’t have the best supply of nutrients, is no longer in a position to exert himself physically, instead building up a supply of fat and reducing his muscle build-up and in particular energy.

A vitamin-rich, balanced diet helps men to quickly regain new energy and new vitality, because healthy energy comes from nutrition and nature. Many important vitamins are to be found in fruit and vegetables in particular. To strengthen the immune system and establish a healthy energy balance in the body, a man needs a broadband supply of nutrients consisting of vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. In times when ever increasing performance is demanded of them and their nervous system is put under ever greater strain, an adequate supply of all B vitamins is particularly important. B vitamins are especially critical for our well-being and our health. They play an essential role in all phases and forms of energy production in our metabolic system. Each individual cell is dependent on the presence of sufficient B vitamins. At the same time, these have a positive effect on mood and concentration while also strengthening our nervous system.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and acts as an interceptor for free radicals and as an antioxidant in the body. The body uses vitamin E to protect red blood cells, to strengthen muscles and nerves, and to improve blood flow. Vitamin E also helps to prevent heart attacks, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Insufficiency can result in infertility and chronic fatigue. It is also important to drink enough water over the course of the day. Once a man is supplied with all the vitamins he needs, he is relaxed enough and strong enough to focus on his day-to-day duties.

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