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Healthy “fast food” for enhanced vitality in winter

Winter is not really the pleasantest and easiest time of year for our bodies. The cold weather makes many people feel fatigues and unmotivated. As the days get shorter and darker than before, many people get the winter blues, and depressive moods und low spirits are a common feature. But winter is not only challenging to our minds, it is to our bodies, too, and in particular our immune system, which has to work extra hard as it tends to get too little support in the way of vitamins from the kind of food we eat at this time of year. In short, we often feel “less than 100 percent” in winter, and that also shows in our appearance.

Fortunately, nature holds a secret weapon in store – a grass, in fact – that can keep the winter blues at bay and also give our bodies a boost. So everyone wanting to keep their bodies supplied with the most important nutrients from nature and stay feeling fit and vibrant should turn to barley grass. People who consume this power food through the winter should find their health benefit enormously. Barley grass has a soothing, relaxing and mood-lifting effect on the entire organism. It helps to reduce tension and stress and to altogether raise the sense of well-being. Moreover, it is one of the most nutrient-rich foodstuffs of all. Barley grass is bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lots and lots of other fantastic substances. But what exactly is it?

Barley grass belongs to the sweet-grass family. It is one of the foodstuffs with the most balanced combinations of nutrients. For example, barley grass contains twice as much calcium as cow’s milk, seven times more vitamin C than oranges for the same quantity by weight, five times more iron than spinach, and just as much zinc as even the most zinc-rich foodstuff of animal origin. Barley grass has far-reaching health effects, which can include cell-building, detoxifying, purging, anti-inflammatory, calming, de-acidifying, antibacterial, relaxing and mood-lifting activities. So it is a fantastic green foodstuff! Compared to spelt and wheat grass, barley grass is, above all, especially rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for the functioning of the immune system, and particularly in winter, it is a meaningful supplement. Barley grass is viewed by experts as one of the most natural and content-rich foodstuffs Mother Nature has to offer – and because of the ease with which it can be eaten, is the healthiest “fast food” it is possible to consume in winter.

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