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Beautiful, healthy hair from within

Winter has been a strain on not only your skin but also your hair. Dry air from your heating and constantly changing to damp or freezing cold environments are not good for the hair and put it under major stress, resulting potentially in split ends and a rough texture. Hair that is damaged loses its shine and strength. It causes hair to break, if you’re extremely unlucky, causes it to fall out. Whether for men or for women, a full head of thick, beautiful hair is deemed a sign of health and youth. But true beauty also comes from within.

Not only proper care is essential for wonderfully beautiful hair – a healthy diet is just as important. Our hair likes to reveal how things are within us – including how healthy our diet is. Hair loss can almost certainly be the result of an improper diet. Malnutrition, and also stress, hormonal volatility and taking certain medicines can cause hair loss. And it’s no longer simply a man’s problem – up to 30 per cent of the female population is also affected. If you want strong, healthy hair, your diet needs to be fundamentally nutritious and you need to limit your exposure to stress, because this contributes to increased tallow production, more dandruff and faster hair loss. Sport and regular exercise also have a positive effect on the hair. Men can also slow the onset of baldness with a low-fat diet.

While haircare helps to superficially give our hair a healthier look, it’s only essential vitamins and nutrients from nature that affect our hair at its roots. Biotin, selenium, iron and B vitamins all contain important vitamins and minerals needed for strong, healthy hair. Biotin plays a major role in preserving normal hair. It’s part of the large range of B vitamins and is known as the best beauty vitamin, because among other things it is responsible for the healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. Anaemia is also one of the most common causes of hair loss, which is why an iron-rich diet is important for the hair. The trace element zinc is also needed for hair growth. The formation of keratin and collagen – the most important components of hair – cannot be achieved without zinc, and hair follicles don’t work probably without zinc either. Once the body is supplied with all the major vitamins and nutrients that it needs, the hair will be strong and can shine.

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