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A hot boost for your the immune system

While at it may not necessarily look that way at first sight, it in fact contains a generous portion of health and has all kinds of positive effects on the body. What we are talking about is ginger, the miracle root and one of the most important medicinal plants we know. In the Middle Ages, it was used in the treatment of almost every ailment. When the Middle Ages ended, however, ginger root, which is in fact a rhizome, fell into oblivion for a long time. And that was despite the fact that ginger gives a wonderful flavour to dishes of all kinds – and not just Asian cuisine – while also combatting colds, headaches and gastrointestinal problems easily and effectively. And all completely without side-effects. Consistently held in high regard in Asia, ginger has also been enjoying a comeback for some time now in our climes. And rightly so, for ginger root contains over 160 different, health-giving substances, including iron, numerous vitamins, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus, as well as various essential oils.

Models and stars swear by this daily immune booster and keep themselves fit with the aid of this healing product from nature - and not just in winter. For ginger root is a genuine multi-talent that helps us to feel good and stay healthy throughout the year. The antibacterial effect of ginger is well-known. It is also reported to have muscle-relaxing and circulation-boosting effects. People who manage to ensure a daily intake of ginger will presumably be less prone to illness and feel altogether fitter. The root not only helps to prevent catching colds or flu, it is also able to soothe already existing symptoms and help in the healing process. So it is well worth enjoying the benefits of its active ingredients.

The healing effect comes above all from the most interesting active substance of the plant: gingerol, the substance that gives ginger its hotness and has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A daily intake of ginger, therefore, relieves pain, helps against muscle ache and nausea, stimulates the metabolism and lowers the blood sugar level. For this reason, the consumption of ginger is also recommended to diabetics. Ginger also helps to improve the digestion and reduce the cholesterol level. Daily consumption of it also reduces the risk of contracting bowel cancer. This exotic product of nature is a genuine health assistant, preventing colds and giving the immune system - and life as a whole - a prophylactic boost. And the best thing of all is that with ginger, we are not only well-equipped for winter, but it can help to make us feel good in summer too. So an indispensable, sustainable immune booster for winter and summer alike.

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